Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent device
In early 2015,LEKVA responded to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's call for the integration of informatization and industrialization, using intelligent equipment such as backpack AGV robots, lighting systems, visualization of operation instructions, Anchuan robots and multiple robotic arm designs.

Internet System
In order to improve the management efficiency and market competitiveness of the company, straighten out the internal management process of the company, optimize the business control of each link, and construct a management platform integrating production, supply, marketing, project management and human, financial and material, gradually introducing ERP, WMS, MES and other system software.

Related honor
1) Changzhou Intelligent Factory in 2015;
2) Pilot enterprises of Jiangsu Province's deep integration innovation (Internet and industry integration innovation) in 2018;
3) The pilot enterprises of Jiangsu Province's integration management system in 2018;
4) In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will implement the pilot enterprises of the integration management system of the two modernizations.