Company Profile

LEKVA Founded in 2011, is located in Wujin District Hutang Town Science and Technology Industrial Park A1, building area of 23,000 square meters, is a professional HVAC motor, ventilation motors, pumps, air purifier motor design and development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises . Products are exported to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia markets, widely used in commercial and home ventilation systems, kitchen appliances, air handling, pump drive and many other civil and commercial fields, HVAC, water treatment, fresh air systems have a certain influence in the field .

Our products have passed the certification of CCC and all the products have passed UL, CSA, VDE, TUV and CE certification. All our products have reached the EU RoHS environmental protection requirements. During the operation, the company has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification and passed the goal management And continue to improve, and continuously improve production efficiency.

Up to now, LEKVA has obtained 56 utility model patents, 7 invention patents, 3 high-tech products in Jiangsu Province, 1 high-tech products in Changzhou City, and has won the "Changzhou Smart Factory" "Private Technology Enterprises in Jiangsu Province", "Science and Technology SMEs in Jiangsu Province", "High-growth SMEs in Jiangsu Province", "District Growth Industrial Enterprises", "High-tech Enterprises", "Safety Production Demonstration Enterprises" Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center, "" Ten Thousand Innovation Companies, "" 2017 Jiangsu Province, the depth of integration of innovative pilot enterprises "and other titles or identified.

LEKVA domestic customers throughout the 34 provinces and autonomous regions in China, foreign customers have developed a total of 15, of which six US customers, two German customers, Italy, Canada, Iran, Ukraine and Poland, one each, two Japanese customers . Long Qiwei not only actively seize the high-end international market, but also brings together the industry's high-end customers, such as the pump business in the United States leading brands Pentair, the United States ATT (ITT), the leading brand of fresh air system, the United States 100 Broan, Balboa, Kärcher, the global leader in cleaning equipment, and Matsushita, a global premium brand in the cold chain industry. In the field of high-pressure cleaning equipment and cold-chain transportation, where process and quality requirements are extremely stringent, Longqui is also qualified as a supplier to the world's leading companies.

Currently LEKVA is in rapid development, Lang Qiwei access to import and export rights by the end of 2014, and in 2015 to begin export sales. Since 2016, Lang Qiwei's export sales business has seen a blowout trend, with export sales reaching 31% of total sales in 2016 including 22% in the Americas, 6% in the European market and 3% in the Asian market, 2015-2017 tax-free sales were 8.73 million yuan, 37.6 million yuan and 105.7 million yuan, the target sales in 2018 180 million yuan.