Professional Team

"Concentration" Craftsman Spirit
1) All the members of the management team have worked in the motor industry for more than 15 years, with bachelor's degree or above in the management team.
2) The management team has participated in 6 Sigma training and project improvement.
3) The engineering department includes five teams: electromagnetic design, structural design, fan fluid design, electronic control design and engineering services. The development engineers are all graduated from the related majors of motor and mechatronics.
4) Promote project management, and review management meetings regularly to ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

Perfect NPD R&D process
Using project management method to establish a sound NPD structured R&D process, from project initiation to commitment to design to mass production, to control the rational use of project funds, market demand for design products, customer needs, and quality requirements of batch products, reduce project risks, and ensure the efficiency and quality of new product development.

Perfect Product Archives Manual
The product archives are complete sets of models. The documents and materials formed in the stages of product general planning, investigation and analysis, design and research, production process, sample trial production, product testing, evaluation and appraisal, product finalization, formal commissioning and sales are filed, and the product development cycle is accelerated.

Improving the Response Mechanism
The design cycle of dispatched products is 7 days, and the design cycle of new structure products is 30 days.
Customer complaints should be answered within 12 hours and written replies within 3 working days.