Lean Production

LEKVA was established with the management system and culture of Excellent Operations (OE), which organically links the top strategic deployment, middle tactical planning and bottom target execution. The popularization, overall planning and strategic guidance of the black belt in the top level of manufacturing system; the popularization of the green belt in the middle level, systematic thinking; the popularization of the yellow belt in basic management, identification of waste, continuous improvement; the popularization of the improvement consciousness of ordinary employees, and active participation in rationalization proposals.

The company uses the strategic deployment (PD) to decompose the 3-5-year operation plan every year, rolling year by year, decomposing layer by layer, in the same year, to ensure the stable and sustainable development of the company's strategic direction. Detailed decomposition of the annual operating plan (AOP), focusing on monthly goals, the establishment of KPI system, decomposition to the grass-roots level, target implementation, responsibility to people. Product platform standard design, value stream driven, the pursuit of better process routes, greater realization of continuous flow production, to provide customers with excellent lead time. Insist on the promotion of automation and the construction of intelligent factories to provide reliable data base and process capability for the realization of products. Routine Gemba activities on the production site, focusing on SQSC performance at the grass-roots level on the spot review and rapid response to process improvement, good bottom level continuous improvement culture, from single point improvement to project system improvement, all staff participate in eliminating waste, integrating tool learning and practice, results and demonstration, sharing and reference, praise and incentive, creation and education.