Customer-centric — To meet customer needs and provice value-added services, we aspire to become th first choice of customers
Innovation — Encourage and support employee's spontaneous innvation,overturning traditions,challenging authority ,simplifying the process.
Continuous Improvement — We are clinging to achieving excellence and continuous improvement,in order to provide customers with better products and services continuously.
Informatization — We take full advantage of modern communication,network and dataabase technology to improve teh way of work and production,and to share the intelligent,eficient and synergetic information era with partners.

Company Purpose
We want to be
A Knowledgeable expert to provide our customers the most Valuable power system total sulution;
An authoritative Leader to guide the industry to the road of smart production;
An active Actor to serve our employee with high concern and provide a great place to work.

Our Vision
We aspire to become a global power solution exlpert and intellingent manufacturing base.

Our Mission
We are committed to continuously provide efficient innovative power solutions toglobal customers.
We adhere to continual product innovation,and devote ourslves to providing motor and driving system total solution for the global customers with the safe,environmental and high effciency products.
We adhere to take quality as the key link and devoted ourselves to becoming the most quality assurance supplier to the world's customers.
We adhere to put people's intersts first,and devoted ourselves to providing a great place to work fo our staff.
We adhere to the industry informationization and automation,and devote ourselves to maximizing the production efficiency and reducing production costs.

Our Value
INTEGRITYHonesty and trustworthiness are ourbasic principles.
RESPECTWe respect each other and learn form all ourpartners from the heart,including competitors.
EXCELL ENCEWe focus on creating theoperation excellence system, and achieving goodperformance throughcontinuous learning andimprovement.