Invention & Innovation

Innovation advantage
1) In 2016, a research center of micro-motor engineering technology will be set up, equipped with more than 35 sets of R&D equipment and more than 20 testing equipment.
2) A echelon of senior engineers, engineers and assistant engineers with high, middle and low levels of technical personnel has been set up to bring the old with the new and cooperate with each other.
3) A total of 73 patents have been applied for, including 9 invention patents, 61 authorized patents, 4 Jiangsu high-tech products and 2 Changzhou high-tech products. Another 15 new patents are in the application stage.


Creative Stories
1) Relying on the independent research and development of high-tech products, we have tailored the DC brushless motor for air purifier for a domestic customer, helping customers to win "popular products (air purifiers) for China State Grid in 2016-2017" and "Supreme Award for China State Grid in 2016-2017 for high-end and cutting-edge products (air purifiers)";
2) With the help of patented end caps, the concentricity is improved, and the electromagnetic noise of capacitor-driven motors under low-frequency operation is revolutionarily broken through, which reduces 3-4 decibels compared with similar products and solves the problem of noise that has troubled customers for many years.

Related honor

1) In 2017, the High Efficiency Micro-motor Engineering Research Center of Wujin District of Changzhou City was listed
2) Jiangsu Province High-tech Product Certificate-Brushless DC Motor for Home Intelligent System
3) Jiangsu High-tech Product Certificate-Single-phase Asynchronous Motor for Home Intelligent System
4) Jiangsu Province High-tech Product Certificate-High Efficiency External Rotor Motor for Ventilation
5) Jiangsu Province High-tech Product Certificate - Power Pump Motor of Smart Home System
6) Changzhou High-tech Product Certificate - Motor (Plastic Sealing, Iron Shell, Pump)
7) Changzhou High-tech Product Certificate - Fresh Air System Motor (High Efficiency External Rotor Motor for Ventilation)